Do You Choose Your Choices

I love a good light bulb moment.
I love learning about myself also.
I don’t looooove when my Husband points something out to me that should have been clearly obvious. Well, he did it, and I hate to say it, but he was RIGHT.

Duh- Duh – DUUUUUUUHH. (That was my attempt at scary music)

Lately, I’ve been feeling the pinch. Not the grips of overscheduling or life, but the all to familiar feeling of my jeans getting a little more snug then usual, and the waistband legit pinches.

I haven’t been feeling my physical best, and while we have been eating really well, I haven’t been moving as much as I used to, and I am starting to feel it.

Naturally, I mentioned it to Brendan in passing one evening after Archer went to bed when I made the transition from jeans to my ultimate in fabulous wear…tracksuit pants.
Upon donning my Elastic dream suit, you might of heard, “ Hows THAT for a relief”, “ I don’t feel as strong in myself and maa jeans are getting a little snug, my muffin runneth over”, “ I wish I could train like I used to”. These were a few of the comments I put forward.

Brendan gave me at least 3 possible times where I could train BUT none of them were appropriate (In my eyes). My answers being, Work. Toddler. LIFE. Tired in evenings.

Wise Buddha Brendan said that “ You HAVE the time, you just choose not to exercise. “


You said what now? Does he not realise how much I LOVE to exercise? I am (was) a personal for crying out loud. Then I got the ‘huffs’ because ;
a) I have a baby and b) I have to work C) I’m tired at night from looking after said baby and doing all my work. I was quite the distance off the ground on that high horse of mine, I had to tuck and roll to get down.
Until I realised, he had a point. I have the same 24 hours that I’ve always had BUT I was prioritizing so many other things ahead of a hard-core sweat session.

I was frustrated about not having the time, yet I have the time, I have just deemed other things to be more important.




Turns out, I wasn’t so OK with my choices.

Instead of getting my sulk on (ok, ok maybe a couple of minutes), I decided to welcome this revelation like a breath of fresh air.

I wasn’t actually choosing my choices. My priorities had shifted, and all I needed to do was check back in with my rad self, and see where I’m at.

This morning, I got dressed in my exercise gear the minute my feet hit the floor and as soon as it was light and I’d done all my Mumma duties, I bundled up my kidlet, took him to Mums and set off on RUN/STAIRS/HILL LUNGE/ WALK combo.

I feel FABULOUS. Sooooo good. My butt is still spasm-ing, but I’m ok with that. It’s been awhile, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t broken my butt.

Of course I’m not going to magically pull an extra 2 hours a day out of thin air to fit in all the things I’d like to do, but I’m sure as hell not going to feel bad about not doing them because I’VE CHOSEN to spend my time another way. If I want it, I need to shuffle things around so I get it, and the plans have been made.

I CHOOSE my choices.
I am woman, here me ROOOOOAR
(but not so loud that I wake the baby)

How about you sweet pea? Is there anywhere in your life, where you have been blaming your circumstances, the dog, the weather and all the other things that are in your way when it may be as simple as you have simply CHOSEN something else?


How freaken liberating is THAT?

Each of us are in charge of how we spend our life minutes and spending today, hoping for something to change tomorrow is pretty much madness.

We need to CHECK IN with where we spend our time and how we prioritise our energy and own that shit all the way.

Yep, life changes.
Yep, we get more responsibilities.
Yep, it doesn’t always go to plan, but if that’s the case, change the plan, but don’t forget about the goal and how awesome it makes you feel.

“If it’s going to BE, it’s up to ME. “


Live WILD.
Live TRUE.

Love Katie.

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