Life loves momentum. Life flows like the waves and we need to learn how to surf or get dragged under trying.

I know we all have a whole lot going on so I wanted to share with you a few things that have helped me navigate the waters coming off the back of a really large campaign. Why? Because often the simplest tasks will reap the biggest rewards and also because they rock (If I do say so myself). Best part?  You can implement them right away. #Winning!

1. ‘JUDGE- OFF’ – Don’t judge yourself for feeling how you’re feeling. Life was always going to be messy. Life was always going to be a little crazy at times. We all feel it. Take a look at what you’re letting the signs mean to you. Being tired or maxed out doesn’t mean you’re hopeless for not coping, it means that you’ve put to much on your plate.
Thats all.
Adjust accordingly.

2. DIARY – Get out your diary and write shit down. Not only write it all down but refer to it and do what you say you’ll do. Nothing makes one feel like one has a monumental amount of things to do then having them flying around in her head with no real plan.
Write them down.
Do the things.
Tick them off.
Applaud yourself for being a goddess.

3. FINISH THINGS – One at a time. You know that pile of forms/receipts /bills you have that you need to get to on the hall table? Take them on, one at a time. You know that button you’ve been meaning to sew on all winter? Sew that button on and put it away. You know the emails that you see and think about replying to every time you log on, then don’t, then feel like shit for not doing it? Send the forking emails.

The things that we put off to do later, and walk past daily in out home eat a way at us like a woodpecker on a tree. Every time we see things we ‘need’ to do, it aggravates us. Even if you don’t think it’s effecting you? Sweet potato it’s effecting you.

Let me know how you go because it’s been a game changer. I still haven’t sown the effing buttons on, but that’s on my list for today. I know I’m going to feel like I have achieved nirvana when I do. Those buttons have been plaguing me for months, and I will climb my Everest.


Live WILD.

Live Brave.

Live True. 

Love Katie xox

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