How often do you sing

Firstly, I want to start by saying that I can’t sing for shit, but that’s not what this is about.

It’s no secret that these last twelve months have really stretched me. I’ve really struggled and felt so out of my depth at times that the idea that some day things will become easier felt like a flat out lie.

If my Mum said ‘This will pass’ one more time I may have actually lost it, ha. I was entrenched so deeply in survival mode and every second was accounted for between a new born baby, toddler and work. It was what it had to be, and I carried on how I needed too to keep us all together. Life became serious business. The days were long and intense.

Then slowly but surely, I noticed something…

One day, I noticed I was singing.
There was a song, and instead of being so deep in thought or some degree of panic, I opened my mouth and began to butcher the song in a way that only I can.

There was music in our home again, but that’s not where it stopped.



I started to notice some days I was actually singing in the car.
I found myself on others bopping along on walks, actually singing the words out loud.
I would bust us out into spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen and the boys would swing around with me. Today as I went cheek to cheek with Oakie in Target I sang Christmas carols and danced around the aisles to his delight and you know what? It felt really good.

If you are going through a tough time and haven’t sung a few bars in a while, please know your tune hasn’t changed forever, sometimes we need the silence to stay sane.

Sing when you’re ready.
Sing it loud when you mean it.
Rap those lyrics like the bad ass gangsta that you know you are and don’t give a flying fork who see’s it.

Turn the music up in the car, blast your best power ballads on your walks and fill your home and life with the moments you want to remember when you’re old and talking about the good old days.

These will be the good old days, and I hope you can say that you sang.

Live WILD.
Live TRUE.


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