I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR ; but not so loud that I wake the baby

Women, and their capabilities amaze me on every level. We feel so deeply, aim so high, love so openly and don’t even get me started on the magnificent temples that are our bodies.

The levels to which we can reach are limitless, however I’ve gotta be completely honest that things have changed when it comes to what I set out to achieve since Archer rocked my world.

I know this may not be true for every woman, but my goodness it’s true for this one.

I am still the same vibrant women with hopes and dreams and desires that I was PB (Pre baby). I still have the same drive, the same work ethic all be it I fit my business around my life now, not my life around my business, but the fire still burns hot.

I still take pride in my appearance, but I am actually super proud to wear my ‘Good Trackies’ on errands and to coffee these days because I feel content and confident in them. They are comfortable. They have a dropped crotch that makes me feel like a badass and like I’m one of the cool kids, and I can do life easily in them. They work for me (I don’t think they work for my hubby, but he’ll cope)

There are some things that have definitely changed however, but while I’ve seen these changes portrayed by some as negatives or a downside, I see these changes as beautiful additions to my life.

One of the biggest and most influential changes that have come about are Boundaries. These essential guidelines I’ve put in place since becoming a mother came about by listening to my souls whisperings, and have helped me create the life I have, and am so very proud of.

My mental state is a top priority, right up there with Archers happiness. The two go hand in hand if you think about it. He needs Mumma to be sane and smiling, and I need to know I’m doing the best I can by him to feel happy. WIN/WIN.

I still want to believe that I can do all the things.
I still want to believe that I can do everything and even more than I used to PB, but I have come to the liberating realisation that I can’t.
I cannot, and will not attempt to do all the things at once.

I now vibe to the tune that I can do anything, but not everything at the same time, and that is fine by me.

I can still run a business and be a kick ass Mumma Bear, but I can’t stay up late to do it.

I can still train and feel fit and strong, but I can’t attend ALL the wellness weekends I once wouldn’t have thought twice about saying yes too.

I can take Archer on fun Adventures and help him learn nature most days, but this also means nutritious yet uninventive dinner’s, and that’s the pay off.



I have other beautiful factors at play in my life, and every day, and every moment, invitations present themselves to me allowing me to choose who I want to be.

I’m not shackled to my life, adding a person hasn’t taken away any of the part’s I love about me, it’s helped me re-invent myself in new and exciting ways.

I can now get so much done in the 2 hours that Archer sleeps it freaken astounds me sometimes. Emails, blogs, phone calls, bookings… when my mind is on the prize, I’ve got tunnel vision baby.

I choose my life and in that, I need to love and own the choices I make and the moments that get my attention all day, erry-day.
That’s my job.
That’s who I am and thinking about my life this way makes me happy.

We can do anything we want in this lifetime, so let’s not add the pressure of having to do it all at once. Let’s enjoy the moments we’re in without always feeling the need to wear all the hats and then find a pair of killer pumps to wear with them too.

Get yourself a pair of “Good Trackies”, get your swagger on, embrace the moment you’re in and be proud of all you’ve achieved today.
Know that THAT is enough.

Live WILD.
Live TRUE.

Love Katie xox

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