I know this might sound a little sketchy but I love how this works, like seriously love it.
You know how people say that this will pass? It fully does. It might pass like a Kidney stone of course but everything eventually always does. (Note – Not before it teaches us what we need to learn though and that my friend is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow).

If you don’t know, I’m a writer and a Coach.
As you can imagine, writing is a pretty solitary activity. Generally, of a day to day I see most of the same people (my kids and the preschool Mums who I adore..ha).

The lather- rinse- repeat cycle of my life, while beautifully comforting and dependable was starting to feel a little restrictive and being the gal that I am I started feeling a little isolated and quite possibly a little sad.

This was showing up as me rolling out some charming personality traits of being a tad irritable and possibly a little (read lot) snappy (read bitchy)

Every new level of our life will require a different version of us.
Every now and then we are called to step up.
Every vibe we put out into the universe registers and the mega babe that is the cosmos heard my cry and bloomin oath she delivered.

Thanks to a few misaligned items in my timetable I found myself without a place to work and requiring online access at a very particular time. My home was out of action thanks to the painters who are doing an epic job and I was stuck.

Stuck until I wasn’t, and now I am writing this to you from my very first day at a co-working space in Newcastle and just quietly I am loving myself sick.

I love everything about this space.
I love that there are people around me, I love that I have my own little ‘hot desk’ for the day and I love that I can work here once a week and I actually get to be a part of something.
I love that I get to see people and feel creative and that there’s a coffee shop next door that I just got to use my ‘keep cup’ at for the first because I’m actually going to get a coffee from somewhere other than the kitchen.
I love that my friend Amy works at the front of house and that places like this exist.

I love that again, as always, the emotions of discomfort show up right before another growth opportunity. This feels so flipping exciting to me, I can’t even express fully.

I feel legit.
I feel like I have a place to go.
I feel like I’ve got my big girl pants on (not to be confused with a full brief..although I do because – responsible) and it feels really expansive.

I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t had a gut full of my own ‘set up’ and if everything hadn’t of appeared to be all cluster-fucky.

The truth is even when we doubt our ‘now’ it’s always a part of the plan. Things go wrong to get our attention and every opportunity is a chance to look for a new way to be.

For now this is my next right step.
All it took to figure out what that was, was for so many things to start feeling wrong.


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