Celebrating the people in my life is something that means a lot to me. Gratitude is one of my favourite emotions to sit in, and yup, I believe it’s an emotion.

Becoming Brave and launching her into the world as an official ‘Amazon Best Seller’ is one of the biggest undertakings I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in, and I feel incredibly pulled to let you know about my team. I couldn’t do what I do without them and the fact that I get to stand alongside, be led by and inspired by so many powerful forces that impact and benefit my life and the work I do on the daily, is something I will never take for granted.

Please allow me to introduce to you to the best ‘Launch Team’ in the Biz.



PR Consultant, Communications Specialist and my go to gal.

There’s a massive reason that BB has been seen where she has and that is because of the PR magnet which is my gal pal Niki Hennessy. Yes, I’m proud of the book. Yup I know BB’s powerful BUT that alone isn’t enough to have her land in all of the places she has. It’s been Niki who reaches out, connects the dots and manages all the things. It’s Niki who advises me, guides and supports me at all hours. It’s this gal who is a friend, a soul sister and one who has been by my side from start to finish who believes in me and what I do, and this launch wouldn’t be what it is without her.

If you want to learn how to promote yourself or your business in a soulful way or have her represent you herself reach out to Niki via her

Insta @nikihennessy

FB www.facebook.com/consciouscommunication/


RENEE MANTLE – Hey Hey Events

Event Co-ordination and all round great bird!

Let me tell you a bit about this woman. When we arrived at the event at 5:30pm, Renee had a baby strapped to her chest CARRYING A TABLE. A TABLE.

Reneè made the whole day flow so effortlessly. From start to finish she organised everything. A mother of three beautiful babes, the creator of a blog with the most beautiful concept @purposehood and I would never run another event without having her at the helm. Check her out, say hi because this lady is one in a million. Our paths crossed years ago thanks to the online world and I’m so grateful to have her be a part of my real one.

Insta  @heyheymarketingandevents

Email heyheymarketingandevents@gmail.com




Hype Girl. GPS. Mastermind Maven and glue.

I fell hard in friendship for Amy instantly. Amy is one of the rare ones and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for her guidance, her heart and her friendship. I love to watch this woman work and when she is ‘on’, she is ‘ON’.  Ames is my sounding board, my ‘pusher’, my hype girl and one of my very best friends. She was the MC at my launch for BB and I will spend my life thanking the moons and stars that I’m in her orbit.

If you need guidance in creating a business with heart and a life with soul then this is the gal you seek out.

Insta @designingherlife

And just quietly, her page is STUNNING and oh so epic.




Energy Work. Sounding Board. Grounding force.

There really aren’t words to describe Lauren but I could give you a feeling. You know when you step outside in winter, stretch, exhale – your shoulders fall, and the sun warms your entire body? That’s Lauren.

What it takes to navigate such a big move in my business and life by putting my heart in your hands energetically is pretty epic. I met with Lauren over Skype once a month to keep me focussed, balanced and grounded.

Her connected and Free Oracle cards are the shit. I have them next to my bed and if you haven’t already got yourself a set… do yourself a favour. Her creations are Magic.

Insta @Innerhue






Editor in Chief.

Without Natasha, it’s highly likely that my book would still be sloshing around in the archives of my mind. She kept me focussed, supported, guided and accountable all whilst giving me the freedom and space to do it my way. Natasha makes the impossible, possible, the unthinkable achievable and the way she represented and went to bat for me was something I won’t ever forget. I will forever be grateful to her soulful way of seeing in me what I’d always hoped was there.




The Publishing House that said YES to me and BB immediately. I couldn’t believe it. They said YES, and they back BB saw my vision and even let me break a bunch of literary rules to have BB feel and look the way I knew she could.

Insta @lmpublishing



Website Developer and behind the scenes goddess!

I am definitely not tech savvy but having Jas on my side made the complete rebrand and creation of an entirely new site and platform a breeze. For me anyways. HA! Plus she is available to support any other crazy ideas I come up with ( or things I break) and that to me is invaluable. Email jasmine@simplyreplenished.com



Graphic Designer of ALL the things.

My new Branding? All Sarah. I have worked with SB this entire blogging journey and she is an absolute dream. Her vision. Her delivery and her work ethic, her gentle and calm personality, she’s everything. Love her and oh so grateful.

Shoot her an email at sarah.annabelle.long@gmail.com



Photographer. Comedian. Oh so patient.

Candice is insane at what she does. Candice makes the uncomfortable situation of having photos taken into a super fun experience and ya’ll would have seen me tag her a bazillion times because she is THAT great.

Amazing family photographer and her new born shoots are so special. You need to check her out!

Insta @candicesavillephotography





Ali from AOKO HAIR

I adore Ali. The way she has made me feel so comfortable from day one. The way she asked me a bazillion questions about what I wanted so that I would walk away happy. And the way that she will always do her absolute best to fit me in fill my heart with happy. If you’re into supporting talented women doing their thang than you should check her out. Zero fuss, EPIC hair.

Love, love, love her work!

Insta @Aokohair



Alicia can paint a face! Seriously. Every shoot I’ve done, every important function, Maple Lane (aka Alicia) has been there to giggle with me while we get ready and put my nerves at ease.

What can I say but THANK YOU for helping me look how I feel and for putting fake eyelashes on me because that shit is HARD!

Insta @maple_lane_



Collectively there’s these women. My Soul Squad. The women I meet up with every fortnight at our favourite place Tallulah Bar who dream the big dreams, cry the ugly cries and together we support each other through everything. We sat around a table and when my turn rolled around I announced ‘I’m going to write a book. It’s called Becoming Brave, and that’s what I’m going to do.’ They were each there on the night cheering with me, supporting each other and celebrating the shizzle out of what we achieved collectively.

One in, all in and that’s the way it will stay.



If you are looking for the amazing OFA FITZGIBBONS who shared the panel at the launch night, and I know many of you are, you can find her on Insta @ofagirl and her website is goodfoodforthought.co . I’ll be sure to share more about her offerings as they come up. She is truly changing the world that one.


Event Stylist

Big thanks go out also to the girls at White Roses Styling who stepped in at the very last minute and turned Tallulah into a beautiful eclectic Launch Event. Thank you ladies. They were exceptional, so kind and with the best work ethic. Super talented bunch for sure!

Insta @whiteroses_styling



Event Photographer with the mostest

Von is so talented. nHave you seen our event photos? She was so funny and mixed in so well at the event that we got so many great and natural shots. It’s not easy to try and capture 86+ women and Von did it and there’s no doubt in my mind that she helped make the night what it was.

Insta @ycmphotography


This is what my team looks like. This is what it takes to launch a book into the world and I am so, so grateful to each and every one of these people for playing a part, keeping me sane, keeping me focussed or keeping us moving forward.

Even as extensive as this list is…it doesn’t talk about some other super important people in my life who helped make bring Becoming Brave into the world as fun and as awesome as it has been.


There’s my Mum and Dad who are next level amazing.

My ‘Mums’ who I laugh with daily in group chats and have wild nights in eating take away while the boys sleep. My best friend who gets all the weird phone calls because I know she will love me anyways. My trainer Drew who keeps me strong and focussed and ensuring I do something just for me. The list could go on and on but I think you get the gist.

I’ve said it before, but this isn’t just my book, it’s ours and now it can be yours. If you want to see what we created you can check out BECOMING BRAVE HERE or search any of the online book stores for her. I am as proud as punch of this amazing bunch of professionals doing what they love and as far as I’m concerned, they are some of the very best in their fields I have ever seen. If you need them, now you know where to find them and I’m so glad I got to support them in their businesses on this ride too.

Be sure to check them out, I know you’ll love them as much as I do.


Live WILD. 


Live TRUE.

Katie xox


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