Katie's second book MESSY is your hype girl for a sassy and inspired life driven by you.

This is not a book telling you what you need to 'fix' within your life.


MESSY is for any woman who has ever felt the insane pressure to be living a picture-perfect life and then feels like they're failing when they don't eat organic, home cooked meals every night, or when they scream at their kids, or because they haven't hand-woven their own ethically sourced, carbon neutral underwear.

In short, Katie has created a self-help book that doesn't suck. Revelations don't need to be heavy. Change doesn't have to be hard and self-inquiry can actually be like a beautiful big exhale.


The second edition of BECOMING BRAVE is here, available for pre-order and we are completely psyched!

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If hope starts hurting
If you are pissed at your past
If you are stuck on a situation
If you are playing out the 'What if's'


Time to get all Adele on this shit and say
“Helloo from the other side....”


A fully audio based course thats ready whenever you are.

7 straight talking sessions on the principals of moving through something or letting go of someone or somewhere.

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