What is your anxiety really trying to tell you

I’ll give you a hint…It’s not that the world is out to get you.

Anxiety gets the harshest wrap and I have totally been on that bandwagon myself. When you’re in the throws of it and in the grips of it, it can be blooming awful and downright cruel.

No one wants to actually live a life filled with Fear, but if we spend our time constantly wishing it away, we may be actually overlooking something that’s of mucho importance.


Anxiety shows up to tell us something.
It shows up to force us to action something or address something and the more we deny it, the deeper, wilder and more forceful it becomes.

I was always a huge believer in treating the signs and the symptoms, because for a while that worked great, and the tools I have harnessed and fine-tuned are all still vital however they aren’t actually getting you to the root of it.

YOU’VE GOTTA DO A LITTLE DIGGING because it helps to understand where it’s coming from. It helps to speak it’s language. If you were going to a foreign country you’d want to know what language the locals are speaking so you can truly understand what they’re saying, right?

You need to treat the cause of it as well as the symptoms and that can be as simple as a little honest self enquiry that comes in the form of connecting to your intuition and being brave enough to face whatever it is your attempting to bury and avoid deep down.

Could it be that you aren’t actually frightened to speak in public, instead you are anxious about feeling judged and your self worth is taking a bit of a beating?

Could it be that you aren’t actually scared of being in public, but you are worried about peoples perceptions of who you are or of making a mistake?

If that’s the case, then ‘Why’? Then why do you think it’s showing up for you this way?

I stumbled across a huge cause of my anxiety recently by accident. I wish I could say I was super diligent in my investigation of my life, but I wasn’t and it was all a direct result from finally listening to my intuition.

Once I did that, everything unraveled and I realised that so much of my fear, self doubt and overanalyzing of every little detail was happening because I was refusing to acknowledge another issue.




So, so simple yet oh so freaken powerful.
Nothing will go away until it teaches us what we need to learn, but first you need to be willing to be schooled in the lesson.

Nothing is scarier then living a life filled with Fear, but even then with the right reframe and the willingness to be brave even that can become a life filled with discovery, learning and empowerment.

All you’ve got to do is be willing to find the seed, uncover the message and see what is really being communicated to you.

When you choose to look your fear in the eye, you may just uncover a world of freedom you never knew existed. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am promising that once the shackles come off my goodness honey child, it will be worth it.

So friend…. What is your Anxiety really trying to tell you?

Live WILD.
Live TRUE.

Love Katie.

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